We Need Your Help!

Concessions are big part of our fundraising efforts to provide for the team.    To make it a successful season we need each of you to sign up for 3 shifts.   We have 2 shifts per night.

In order to work concessions, you have to be an approved volunteer with LISD.   It takes only a few minutes to apply and its free.


Step 1

Sign up to be a volunteer with LISD.  Sign Up


Step 2

Sign up for your shift – Choose at least two shifts.


  • 1st Shift – Varsity Parents – this shift will be the best option for you to help and not miss your daughters game.  Please arrive 10 minutes before game time of the Freshman game.


  • 2nd Shift – Freshman and JV Parents – this shift will be your best option.  Please be at the concession stand 5 minutes after the JV game has ended.

Sign Up Here

If you have any questions or have a last minute issue with your schedule, please call our concessions coordinator.

Clara Jimmie – 512-608-1030